• Is the aircraft safe?
  • It is as safe as the aircrafts in its category. All necessary manufacturing and testing procedures were followed.
  • What is the estimated Assembly Time?
  • For our Basic Kit, 500 hours is the average Assembly Time.
  • It looks like a fighter aircraft. Is it?
  • No, it is an aircraft of the Ultra Light category (EU).
  • What is it made of?
  • It is manufactured with aviation aluminium alloys, in accordance with international aviation standards.
  • Will I be able to buy it?
  • Yes. It belongs to the most widespread category of aircrafts, around the world.
  • Is it certified? 
  • In its category, it has all necessary documentation and registration.
  • Is it easy to fly?
  • In spite of its new generation fighter aircraft appearance, it is easy to handle, just as any other aircraft of in its category.
  • How much time will it take for the kit to be available?
  • KIT availability varies from 30 to 80 days, after the order placement, depending on degree of customization for the buyer, location, inventory, etc.
  • What engine does it have? Is it just a particular one or are there other options available?

  • Its engine is a two-stroke, for Ultralight engine of 40 HP. In the same engine mount can be placed an two stroke 65 horse power. Replacing the engine mount (optional) can be placed o four stroke up to 130 HP.
  •  What is the shipping cost?

  • Depends on the location of the client.
  • It seems to have been inspired by the modern fighter jets. Did they affect its design?

  • Yes, due to the applications of innovation in their design and also because I wanted this aircraft to offer the opportunity, to anyone who would want to, to fly and make sense of a modern fighter aircraft.
  • It is the interior cockpit, spacious for a big pilot?

  • The interior cocκpit is designed for pilot  from 60 kg to 120 kg and height up to 2.00 meters.
  • Do you provide support?

    Yes, support is provided directly by the manufacturer through a direct support system. All of our planes come with 1 year access to the support center. For access to the support center after this period you can renew your subscription.


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