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The G-802 Atairon was born from the need to create a Sportsplane that is affordable and economical to run, has longevity, it is a plane that can fulfil multiple roles, it appeals to new and experienced pilots alike, suitable for flying training, suitable for traveling as well as for recreational flying, a plane that feels at home operating from rough terrain, having STOL flying characteristics, it can operating from water or snow when skids or skis are fitted, a plane that can be economically maintained and repaired from its owner, even if he is not a qualified engineer.

Main advantages over the competition are:

  • Smooth, rounded shape for better aerodynamics, endurance, economy and excellent performance (140 km/h at 4,000 RPM with a Rotax 80 HP engine), with a cabin that has excellent ergonomics and is wide to ensure a comfortable and pleasurable flight (cabin width is 1.16 m), with a windshield that is sloping to achieve better aerodynamis and increased visibility and of course a strong, all-terrain, landing system.
  • High lift wings that can be removed quickly (within 30 minutes) and give good fast flying characteristics as well as excellent STOL characteristics (stall speed is 63 km/h), due to the Slotted Fowler Plaperon (SFF) that we developed. (During flight, the flapperons are retracted and they do not create drag, they can be extended by the pilot by moving a single lever in the cockpit, during the final approach stage providing even more lift and stability at low speeds).
  • It has an excellent glide ratio to assist in a safe landing, in case of engine failure.
  • Aerodynamic as well as big enough cowling, able to accept any king of engine for the category, conventional or electric.
  • Aluminium alloy construction (the aluminium used is aircraft grade aluminium) to provide a light weight, durable, corrosion resistant structure, UV protected, that makes small repairs an easy job to do.
  • Aircraft grade aluminium is not affected by the sun and changes in temperature, unlike composites and fabrics that need maintenance to be able to cope.
  • On line support from our technical support team.
  • The slotted flap gets its name from the slot between the wing and the flap. Air can flow from the bottom to the top of the airfoil through the specially shaped slot. This high-energy flow produces a new boundary layer on the top surface of the flap, which allows flap angles of up to 40° without separating the flow. Consequently maximum lift is increased and drag is reduced by the slot.
  • Fowler flaps are first extended to the rear, thus increasing the wing area. With increasing wing area the lift becomes greater. By moving the Fowler flap downwards, the lift is increased without a disproportionate increase in drag. The corresponding flap position is therefore especially suited to take-off.
  • If the Fowler flap is further extended, the flap body is also turned downwards, which now increases the airfoil camber. The lift continues to increase, but now with a greater increase in drag. The corresponding flap position is therefore suitable for landing.
Wing Span
    9.35 m
Stall Speed
      65 km/h
    6.00 m
Never exceed speed - VNE
    180 km/h
    2.20 m
Max. speed for normal operations
    160 km/h
Net Weight
    248 kg
Maneuvering speed - VA
    130 km/h
Max.Take Off Weight
   472,5 kg
Maximum flap extended speed-VFE
    110 km/h
Fuel Tank Capacity
   80 lt
Load Factor
   +4   -2 G
Engine Power *
   50-135 hp
Take-off Distance
      150 m
Propeller Diameter
max. 1,80 m
Wings removal time
     30 min.
  • Specifications are mesured on Rotax 912 engine instaled.

KIT No 1 

Ιncludes all the necessary parts and components to build the complete airframe.Contains all the materials for to build the fuselage, the wings with flaps and ailerons and struts with aerodynamic profile. The tail with the rudders, fixed or Rectractable landing gears, rudder pedals and canopy or windshield, body & wing fuel tanks 76 Lit, are also included.  With all the necessary rivets, clecos, bolts, washers and nuts, control cables, pulleys, turnbuckles and  seat belts . 

  •  Not Included : Engine, engine Mount, engine cowling,  propeller, wiring, instruments, Swiches, Fabric seats.

 KIT No 2

  • Contains all the parts and components off the kit No 1 plus
  • Engine Mount, engine cowling, Speedometer, Altimeter, climb, RPM, bank indicator, compass, oil pressure, voltmeter, Oil Temp, Dual CHT, Hour meter, Fuel indicator light. Wiring, Battery, Switches, Fuses, Elevator trim, loading battery lamp, Landing Lights, Fabric seats.
  • Engine Mount.
    • Not Included: Engine, Propeller and spinner.

KIT No 3 (G 652 Frisbee)

  • Contains all the parts and components off the kit No 2 plus
  • Engine  65 HP , water radiator, Fuel-Oil Piping, Fuel Switch,  filters, Wiring, Oil Tank, engine exhaust, propeller and spinner.

KIT No 4   

  • Contains all the parts and components off the kit No 2 plus
  • Engine 80hp, oil and water radiators, Fuel-Oil Piping, Fuel Switch.  Cabin Heating System, filters. Wiring, Oil Tank, engine exhaust, propeller and spinner.

 KIT No 5 

  •  Includes all the parts and components off the Kit No 3 and Engines 100 – 150 HP .
  • The difference between a standard and quick-build kit is the level of assembly.
  • Assembly time with a Quick-Build Kit is projected to be 50% less than with the standard kit. 

G802 Atairon flies with 

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