SF1 Archon


The name S F 1 (Sports Fighter 1).  The first in the world Fighter Sportsplane. It was designed and manufactured from G-Aerosports.  It has the look and feel of a modern fighter plane, having the price tag of a Sportsplane.  It is unique in its class as its two main characteristics are uniqueness and innovation.

It is the only Jet Fighter / Military Style look-alike Sportspalne you can own as a civilian.  It’s name is a Greek Ancient word (Archon = ancient title : someone or something having power, authority, or influence, a master or ruler).

Wing Span
    7.25 m
Stall Speed
       65 km/h
    8.00 m
Never exceed speed - VNE
     250  km/h
    2.25 m
Max. speed for normal operations
      200 km/h
Net Weight
    200 kg
Maneuvering speed - VA
      160 km/h
Max. Take Off Weight
   322.5 kg
Maximum flap extended speed-VFE
      130 km/h
Fuel Tanks  Capacity 
       80 lt
Load Factor
       +6   -3 G
Engine Power *
   50-135 hp
Take-off Distance
        150 m
Propeller Diameter
  max. 1,55 m
Wings removal time
          30 min.
    • Specifications based on 65 HP engine.
  • Aircraft grade aluminium that makes small repairs an easy job to do. Not affected by the sun and changes in temperature, unlike composites and fabrics that need maintenance to be able to cope.
  • On line support from our team.




    •  KIT No 1

  • Ιncludes all the necessary parts and components to build the complete airframe.Contains all the materials for to build the fuselage, the wings with flaps and ailerons, struts with aerodynamic profile. The tail with the rudder-s, fixed or Rectractable landing gears, rudder pedals and canopy, 30 lit body fuel tank, are also included.  With all the necessary rivets, clecos, bolts, washers and nuts, control cables, pulleys and turnbuckles. All parts are pre-cut, pre drilledand pre-welded as needed. 
  •  Not Included : Engine, engine Mount,  propeller, instruments, wiring,  and Retractable Landing Gear Machanism.

  •  KIT No 2  

  • Contains all the parts and components off the kit No 1, plus
  •  engine Mount, Wing tanks (2×38 Lit.), Speedometer, Altimeter, climb, RPM, bank indicator, compass, Dual CHT, Hour meter, Fuel indicator light. Wiring, Switches, Fuses, loading battery lamp, Landing Lights, Fabric seat. 
    • Not Included: Engine, Propeller.
  •  KIT No 3 

  • Contains all the parts and components off the kit No 2, plus
  • Engine mount & Engine Rotax 582 64 HP  DCDI 2V,  engine exhaust, propeller and spinner

  •  KIT No 4  

  • Contains all the parts and components off the kit No 2, plus
  • Engine Rotax 912UL 80 to 140 hp , Wing fuel tanks (2×40 Lit.), water and oil radiators, Fuel-Oil Piping, Fuel-oil filters and fuel Switch. Engine Wiring, Oil Tank, engine exhaust, propeller and spinner.

  • The differences between a standard and quick-build kit is the level of assembly.
  • Assembly time with a Quick-Build Kit is projected to be 50% less than with the standard kit. 

We encourage you to modify your Archon as much as you like. You want different engine, Bubble canopy, Larger fuel tanks, glass cockpit, ballistic recovery  parachute.
Le us know, what are your wishes and discuss the possibility to make them come true.

    • Estimated build time for the kit is about 650 hours.
    • Only basic skills and tools required to assemble in a small workshop.
    • In all the Kits, the  spars and the heavy duty parts  are Pre-assembled.
    • Aircraft Aluminum alloy construction, strong, light-weight, durable, corrosion resistant, easy partial prepared, UV protected,  no resembled from light and temperature as composites or fabrics.

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