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“We put passion, experience and knowledge into what we do”

On the left ‘Lyngistis’ on the middle ‘Atairon’, on the right ‘Archon‘.

G-Aerosports is the expression of our passion for airplanes and recreational flights. To the pilots who love assembling and flying, we seek to deliver a rich flying experience, to make our aircraft the benchmark of evolution, and progress in the Sport Aviation industry worldwide. At G-Aerosports we want to give  the opportunity, to those who love the feeling of flight and creation to realize their dream. We have the opportunity to manufacture affordable Sport Aircrafts of top design quality.

We invented and created a new category; the Flying Fuselage Aircraft (FFA)

During the flight in conventional (CA) and flying body aircraft (FBA) , the lift and stability comes only from the main wings and outside of the Fuselage. The ‘flying fuselage (FFA)’  acts as a funnel and provides extra lift and stability  from  outside and inside the Fuselage, making the air mass passing through a column of air (air shaft). This unique design maximizing the produced lift, the performance and  the stability of the flying aircraft, in all angles and phases of flight.

 The new Archon SF/1 righteously stands out as a “revolutionary, sportplane leader“.

Single seater SF 1 Archon RG & Two seater G 802 Archon.

The  Two Seater SF2-T

The low wing, two seater VIP.

The single or twin Electric engine powered, two seater E-PSILON.

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