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On the left ‘Lyngistis’ on the middle ‘Atairon’, on the right ‘Archon‘.

G-Aerosports is the expression of our passion for Sportplanes and recreational flights.  We seek to deliver a rich flying experience, to make our Planes the benchmark of evolution, and progress in the Sport Aviation. At G-Aerosports we want to give  the opportunity, to those who love and joy the feeling of flight and creation to realize their dream in top level.

We invented and created a new category; the Flying Fuselage Aircraft (FFA)

During the flight in conventional (CA) and flying body aircraft (FBA) , the lift and stability comes only from the main wings and outside of the Fuselage. The ‘flying fuselage (FFA) acts as a funnel and provides extra lift and stability  from  outside and plus from inside the Fuselage, making the air mass passing through a column of air (air shaft). This unique design maximizing the produced lift, the performance and  the stability of the flying aircraft, in all angles and phases of flight.

 The SF/1 Archon  righteously stands out as a “revolutionary design, Sportplane“.

Single seater SF 1 Archon RG & Two seater G 802 Archon.

The  Two Seater SF2-T

The low wing, two seater VIP.

The single or twin Electric engine powered, two seater E-PSILON.

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