For many years of countless efforts, designs, tests and optimizations, the SF1 Archon was born, that allowed us to have the most exciting flying experience. Don’t miss the chance to fly a Sportplane like no other, sit in the cockpit and take the command of a truly challenging aircraft, for the most astonishing flying experience!

Now everyone becomes a Fighter Pilot..  Take a seat inside the cockpit of your personal modern Jet Fighter/Military Style sport Aircraft you can own as a civilian, and prepare for take-off.



As a Certified FlightTraining school,  we have flown many types of aircraft. We knew that there was a need for a new two-seat airplane to be used for training and any kind of flight,which meets the following requirements: of being affordable, easy to purchase, and to maintain. With clear aerodynamic lines for less drag, comfortable with good performance, easy to use, reliable, and durable. Can  take off/landing  from short land strips on wheels and on skis from water as a sea plane. 

This need led us to design the new “Atairon” aircraft.  




are available as Quick Build Kit & Ready to Fly.

SF/1  -SF/2T & G 802



G 802 Atairon

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