SF/1 Archon is a single–seat, high-wing, single-engine aircraft with the revolutionary “Flying Fuselage Aircraft” design.


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SF1 Archon

The Complete Airframe KIT

  • The KIT includes all the necessary parts and components to build the complete SF/1 ARCHON airframe.
  • Aluminum alloy construction, strong, light-weight, durable, corrosion resistant, UV protected, light and temperature resembles composites of fabrics.
  • Only basic skills and tools required to assemble in a small workshop.
  • Pre-assembled spars (also wing spars) are included.
  • You do not need to buy anything extra το build the SF/1 Archon airframe.



We got you covered

The KIT includes all necessary parts and components to build SF/1 Archon airframe.

In particular, the KIT contains all the materials for our enthusiasts to build the fuselage, the wings with flaps and ailerons, struts with aerodynamic profile. The tail with the twin-rudders, fixed landing gears, rudder pedals and canopy with windshield, wing fuel tanks and engine mount are also included.

We supply our customers with all the necessary rivets, clecos, bolts, washers and nuts, control cables, pulleys and turnbuckles. All parts are pre-cut, pre drilled and pre-welded as needed.



Kit contents:

  • Flight and construction Manuals
  • Pre-cut, pre-drilled and pre-welded parts as needed
  • Riveted Spars and Bulkheads
  • Pre-assembled Spars (also wing-spars) are included
  • Canopy and windshield
  • Instruments panel (No instruments)
  • Wing Fuel Tanks (2 x 21lt)
  • Seat Belt
  • Rivets
  • Clecos
  • Bolts, washers and nuts
  • Control Cables pulleys and turnbuckles
  • Rudder pedals
  • Engine Mount*

*Engine Mount
The standard engine mount is for the Rotax 503, 532, 582 engines.

ARCHON SF/1 flies higher with 

TALOS avionics

 What’s Not Included:

·         Engine
·         Propeller 
·         Instruments
·         Avionics
·         Tools
·         Upholstery 
·         Crating & shipping cost

 Useful Info 

  • Shipping cost will be calculated and sent to your email before the order completion.
  • Orders will be delivered by order number priority. You will receive the order number and the estimated delivery time in your email, after the completion of your order.
  • Estimated build time for the SF1 Archon kit is about 500 hours.
  • Basic skills and tools required to assemble in a small workshop.