• Is the aircraft safe?

It is safe as the rest aircraft of its category, because the same procedure was followed in manufacture as well as testing.

  • What is the estimated Build Time?

Using our basic Complete  Kit, 500 hours is the average build time.

  • It looks like a fighter aircraft. Is it?

No, it is in Ultra Light category (EU). It has the appearance of a modern Jet fighter aircraft. 

  • What is it made of?

It is manufactured with a aviation aluminium alloy, always in accordance with the aviation standards.

  • Will anyone be able to obtain it?

Yes, because it belongs to the smallest category of aircraft, which is more widespread around the world.

  • Is it certified? 

In the category to which it belongs, it is registered as it is required.

  • What new features can we expect from it?

Its design in innovative and it has introduced a new category.

  • Is it easy to fly?

In spite of its new generation fighter aircraft appearance, it is easy to handle, just as the regular aircraft of its category.

  • In how much time will it be the kit available?

In less than 80 days after the ordering request.

  • What engine does it have? Is it just a particular one or are there other options available?

Its engine is a two-stroke, for Ultralight engine of 40 horse power. There is an option of placing an two stroke 65 horse power.

  •  What is the shipping cost?

Depends by the location of the buyer.

  • It seems to have been inspired by the modern fighter jets. Did they affect its design?

Yes, due to the applications of innovation in their design and also because I wanted this aircraft to offer the opportunity, to anyone who would want to, to fly and make sense of a modern fighter aircraft.