...from airsports admirers to airsports fighters! 


Here is a true revolutionary design. It brings the future in the aviation technology.

We invented and created the new category of the flying fuselage aircraft (FFA)


The advantages of the flying fuselage aircraft (FFA) category, compared to conventional aircraft (CA) category and flying body aircraft (FBA) category, are the following:

  1. In conventional aircraft design, the fuselage is aerodynamically neutral and joins only the separate parts of the aircraft. As the wings grow the buoyancy grows as well.
  2. In the flying body aircrafts, aerodynamic lift is produced only on the outside of the fuselage and the wings, which comprise a unite body. As the fuselage and wings grow, the generated lift becomes greater.
  3. In the flying fuselage aircraft the extra lift is generated from the interior of the fuselage and from the whole aircraft in and out. Thus, maximizing the full extent of the aerodynamic performance of the aircraft.
  4. Practically, the new category of the flying fuselage has the following advantages compared to the other categories above.

i) because of the greater generated lift ,the aircraft is designed smaller in size, in order to have the same performance as its peers.

ii) due to the smaller dimensions of the aircraft, it occupies less space and needs a smaller hangar. (cost reduction).

iii) the most important advantage is that during the flight in conventional and flying body aircrafts, stability comes only from the main wings dihedral, as well as the size of caudal. The flying fuselage design acts as a funnel and provides extra stability to the aircraft, making the air mass passing through the fuselage in a column of air (air shaft). This is maximizing the stability of the aircraft in all angles and phases of flight.


The new Archon SF/1 righteously stands out as a "revolutionary leader".