The "Lygistis" and the new "SF/1 Archon"


     As a child, like many of us, I admired "Freedom Fighters" - the legendary WWII aircrafts - and dreamed of flying with one of them. My love and enthusiasm for these aircrafts, led me to designing and building my "Lygistis" aircraft (1987-1994). Since the early 80's, I have been unceasingly active in Ultralight (UL) and Sport aviation, with countless hours of hands-on experience, designing, building, repairing, testing and training, and brought to bear all aviator's skills.

    At that same period of time, I had been also planning on building a "new generation" sport, ultralight fighter. However, due to the excessive technological and financial requirements of its construction I was hindered in realizing this idea. What is more, I thought that such an idea would certainly be in the minds and plans of others like me and would eventually appear in the aviation market. Almost a decade had gone by without any actual development towards this type of aircraft. So, instead of waiting for this developement to come, I decided to step up and put flesh and bones to my idea. Aftermath of my work was "Archon". Αrchon is made of aircraft aluminum alloy and its designed with strong and powerful lines, like a real Jet fighter.

    On its maiden flight, when I climbed the ladder and sat in the cockpit, I felt the difference. I felt as if our hobby had just moved forward; escaped from the ordinary. I put my hands on the controls and pushed the throttle forward. Leaving the ground, I absolutely knew that until then only a few people could have that feeling. Now, everybody has the chance to feel this. The slogan used to say "Only the best become a Fighter Pilot"; now it is "Everyone can become a Fighter Pilot... and the best can become an Ace"!


George Iliopoulos