G-Aerosports is the expression of our passion for airplanes and recreational flights. To the people who love buliding and flying free, we seek to deliver a rich flying experience. 


Our vision

to make our aircrafts the benchmark of evolution and progress in the Sport Aviation industry worldwide, giving the opportunity to people of all ages, who love the feeling of flight and creation to realize their dream.

Our goal

to manufacture affordable Ultralight Aircrafts of top design quality. 

"We put our passion, experience and knowledge into what we do"



The SF/1  ARCHON aircraft


30 years of ceaseless effort; designs, tests and optimizations gave birth to Archon SF1 for the most exciting flying experience. Don’t miss the chance to build a UL like no other, sit in the cockpit and take command of a truly challenging aircraft for the most astonishing flying experience! 


Only the best becomes a Fighter Pilot... Take a seat inside the cockpit of your personal, modern “Fighter" and prepare for take-off.



The G 802 ATAIRON aircraft


    As an CFI I'm flown many  types of aircrafts and I know that, there was a need for a new two-seat airplane for training and any kind of flight, that meets the following requirements: To be economical in acquiring, in use and in maintaining. With clear aerodynamic lines for less drag, comfortable with good performance, easy to use, reliable and durable. Can land and take off  from water and land. This need led me to design the new "Atairon" aircraft.


ARCHON & ATAIRON are available to build, customize and fly! 




SF/1 Archon RG

G 802 Atairon